Adventures In Magic: CHAPTER 2

Posted by Peter Monticup on 3/22/2020 to My Life In Magic


Date 3/24/2020
Douglas King
Hi Peter, Your videos are just delightful. Thanks for sharing your stories. They are very interesting and enjoyable. And might I say how thoughtful and generous it is for you to post your “Boredom Busters” during the Covid-19 pandemic while everyone is self-isolating. When I first purchased some magic tricks from you I recall your advice to focus on them as not something to fool people but something to entertain people. Your “boredom busters” are sure to provide lots of entertainment in the hands of lots of folks like me and others who will be using them for “magic therapy.” Giving them away with no financial return is commendable and a credit to you as a magician as well as a person. Good for you and thanks for your magical contribution to coping with these troubled times.
Date 4/25/2020
Keith Hart
If you play all those instruments then, you are truly a talented man.
Date 5/25/2020
Marcel Kernini
Mr. King took the words right out of my magical mouth, but I'd like my teeth back, please, especially those with my gold crowns. Thank you.

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