Dr. Douglas King

Date 3/25/2020

Hi Peter, Your videos are just delightful. Thanks for sharing your stories. They are very interesting and enjoyable. And might I say how thoughtful and generous it is for you to post your “Boredom Busters” during the Covid-19 pandemic while everyone is self-isolating. When I first purchased some magic tricks from you I recall your advice to focus on them as not something to fool people but something to entertain people. Your “boredom busters” are sure to provide lots of entertainment in the hands of lots of folks like me and others who will be using them for “magic therapy.” Giving them away with no financial return is commendable and a credit to you as a magician as well as a person. Good for you and thanks for your magical contribution to coping with these troubled times.

Spencer Farmans

Date 3/28/2020

Peter- my earliest experience was similar to your own. Only mine was with Jack Gwynne. In 1965 Gwynne lived in Oak Lawn, Illinois, just a few blocks from where my family lived. My sister was driving illegally, ( she was 16) and even at 12 years old I knew where Gwynne lived. I had seen him the previous weekend perform at a local high school . I said to my sister, "that's Jack Gwynne cutting his grass." She pulled off the road next to his yard and told me to go speak with him. I exited the car and stood by his fence starring at him. He finally stopped his lawn mower and came over to me. "Are you Jack Gwynne the magician," I asked. "Why, yes,: he said,"do you know me?" "Yes," I replied. "I saw your show last week at Fenger High School. You made me float in the air but I couldn't see it because I was floating. I'm a magician, too!" He burst out laughing and invited me into his house while my good sister waved me on from the car to go. He showed me several tricks, one of which was the tip -over vanish. From that day on until his death in 1969 we became friends due to his kindness. When I finally performed on a local Chicago television show, "Bozo's Circus, " he sent me a telegram: "You performed quite well and did everything smoothly. But a magician always takes his hat off!" I loved your stories, Peter. You have a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek manner that is pleasant, amusing, and easy to watch and listen. And As I'm sure you must know, that quality exists, as well, when you perform magic.You have the best magic site on-line. So keep your wonderful tricks and stories coming. Many thanks, Spencer Farmans

Marcel Kernini

Date 5/10/2020

I ditto the praise for you by Dr. King and Mr. Farmans. Wonderful way to spend time during our current pressures. Thank you, Peter & Jackie! George should get a biscuit and honorable mention for his sleeping performance in your other video..

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