OSR Change Bag- Santa Stocking
Produce, change or vanish an item in Santa's Christmas stocking!

OSR Change Bag- Santa Stocking


Change something, make it appear or vanish! Looks like a Christmas stocking!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Very easy to use!!

The big stocking shape makes this one perfect for Christmas shows! It can hold A LOT!
The easy-to-operate design makes it ideal for anyone to use- even beginners!

Here's how to use a Change Bag: Show the bag is empty by turning it inside out. Turn it right side out again, and IMMEDIATELY reach inside and pull out silks, cards, sponge balls, candy- whatever fits!

You can also start by placing an item like a silk scarf or a sponge ball or a bunch of playing cards into the bag. INSTANTLY turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished!
And then the item can then be made to REAPPEAR just as quickly!

And how about this idea: You can also use this bag to exchange one item for another. Show the bag empty, put a blue silk into it. Reach in- the blue silk has now become a red one! Great for doing a SANTA Blendo routine, Mismade Flag, etc.

Silks or other items are not included, but can be purchased separately from MagicTricks.com.

This is an easy to use, really big red cloth bag attached to a wood handle, with an easy mechanism.
Use any item that will fit into the bag! Wow!

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