Chameleon Silks
These silks appear, vanish and change color in your hand!

Chameleon Silks


Make colorful silks appear, vanish and change color in your hand!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Fool them all!

A tremendous closeup effect that uses an unexpected method!

Push a RED silk into the top of your closed fist. The action causes a GREEN silk to peek out of the bottom of your fist. Remove the green silk. Your spectator thinks the red silk is still in your hand. Open your hand- it's empty!- the red silk is gone!

But wait- thre's MORE! The trick is repeated by pushing the green silk into the top of your fist, which makes a YELLOW silk come out of the bottom. Remove the yellow silk- again, your hand is empty!

Finally, the yellow silk goes into your fist, the red silk comes out the bottom, and at the end your hand is empty. COMPLETELY empty!

A great value- this trick comes with three quality 9" silks (a $6.85 value if purchased separately).

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