Carnival Rods
Routines for color change, vanishes and more!

Carnival Rods


Three rods but FOUR colors! Several routines with one set!
ONLINE VIDEO: Comes with video instruction from Peter Monticup!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the instruction video here

Comes with our online video instruction!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

PASSWORD REQUIRED - password link is EMAILED TO YOU on your Order Confirmation
Peter Monticup created an online video EXCLUSIVELY for our customers who purchase this trick!
After you receive your password, watch the INSTRUCTION VIDEO right here. Just CLICK THE RED ARROW above!

A triple treat!


The classic paddle effect in a TRIO of rods!

There are a number of different routines you can do with this set.
Peter Monticup has made an ONLINE VIDEO to explain the handling in detail.
Plus, he shows you several different routines, step by step.
You will be able to master this one quickly!
The link and the password to the online instructions will be packaged with your trick.
This information will also be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

In the demo video above, Peter performs two routines with Dirk.
In the first routine, Peter lets Dirk confirm that there are three, and only three, objects under the cloth.
Peter removes each object, showing that they are rods with three different color dots painted on the- red, green and yellow.
Dirk chooses one of the colors (he picks red), and Peter removes the yellow and the green dot rods from under the cloth.
There is one rod still remaining.
Dirk says that of course it is the red one.
When the cloth is lifted- the RED dots have turned to BLUE!

In the second routine, Dirk chooses two of the colors (he chooses red and yellow).
That means the green rod is still under the cloth, right?
NO- the green rod has VANISHED COMPLETELY!

The magic is all in the clever rods.
Yes, you will have to practice a bit to make the simple hand move look smooth and convincing.
But there is NO FORCE!
No complicated sleight of hand!
Nothing to reset- it is ready immediately!

Beautifully made rods will last for years!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Carnival Rods set
  • ONLINE INSTRUCTION: Monticup's online video instruction teaching you his routine and secret handling tips (no printed instructions)

You supply any ordinary opaque cloth (a cloth that you can't see through)

Rods are clear with painted spots.

Rods are heavyweight clear plastic,
Rods measure about 4.5" long and 0.5" wide.

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