Carnival Bottles (Metal) + BONUSES
Bottle moves between tubes, changes places with a glass, and vanishes!

Carnival Bottles (Metal) + BONUSES


Make a bottle move from one tube to another, change places with a glass, and vanish!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


This trick/routine is available ONLY at!

This is the METAL version.


The PLASTIC version of Carnival Bottles is found here.

CARNIVAL BOTTLES is an updated version of the classic Passe Passe Bottles effect.
Redesigned by Peter Monticup and, this fabulous and fun effect can only be purchased HERE!

When you buy this trick from us, you'll also get:

  • Monticup's personal routine, not available ANYWHERE else!
  • Monticup's special instructions for his easy secret method of handling this trick
  • TWO FREE silk handkerchiefs so you can perform Monticup's routine right away!

This is one of Peter Monticup's favorite effects.
He spent years perfecting this great comedy routine that is now YOURS TO PERFORM!

The Carnival Bottles effect is a real attention-grabber!
The bottle switches places with the small glass inside the tubes. Again and again.
Even when a silk handkerchief is tied to the bottle, the bottle transports invisibly into the other tube, handkerchief and all!
And if you think the trick works because there is a bottle hidden inside the tube, think again!
A second bottle IS FOUND inside one of the tubes, but after it is secretly removed, the first bottle STILL invisibly travels between the tubes!

Once you learn the secret, you can easily make up your own variation of the routine.
For example, you can make the bottle switch with the glass, then make the bottle disappear altogether, then make TWO glasses appear.

You can present this effect as a comedy routine (which is what Monticup does in the demo), or you can present it as a mystery- it's up to you!

This Carnival Bottles set is the DELUXE METAL set.
Both the tubes and the bottles are made of quality lightweight painted spun aluminum, for years of trouble free use.
The whole set stores compactly for safe and easy transport.
Bright paint, bright labels!

The PLASTIC version of Carnival Bottles is found here.
What is the difference?

Metal set:

  • bottles and tubes are made of metal
  • painted finish on both tubes and bottles
  • paper labels on the bottles
  • does NOT include any plastic glasses- you supply your own ordinary ones
Plastic set:
  • tubes are made of metal, bottles are made of plastic
  • painted finish on tubes
  • paper labels on the bottles
  • includes the plastic glasses
  • bottles are less likely to dent

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • set of METAL Carnival Bottles (metal bottles and two metal tubes)
  • BONUS: TWO 9" silk handkerchiefs
  • BONUS: printed instructions featuring Monticup's own routine PLUS the easy secret to making this set work smoothly

You will need to supply two ordinary matching drinking glasses.
Plastic glasses will work fine.

When you buy CARNIVAL BOTTLES from us, you'll also get TWO FREE BONUSES!

First, you'll get Monticup's own personal routine for the Carnival Bottles! This routine is not available ANYWHERE else! The printed instructions not only tell you how to perform the routine, but also you'll get an INCREDIBLE SECRET TIP that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in performing this effect.

You'll also get you'll also get a set of TWO 9" SILKS! You'll be all set to perform the Monticup routine!
Color of silks may vary from demo video.

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