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Carl Zamloch

Pro Baseball Player

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Carl Zamloch

Carl Zamloch

  • 1889-1963
  • Real Name: Carl Eugene Zamloch
  • Birthday: October 6
  • Birthplace: Oakland CA
  • Buried: Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito CA

The son of stage magician Anton Zamloch, he performed as a boy in his father's vaudeville magic act.
He then played professional baseball player for 20 years, principally as a right-handed pitcher, between 1911 and 1930, including one season in Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers in 1913.

From 1916 to 1928, Carl Zamloch was the head baseball coach at the University of California.
During his off seasons, he would tour the country with his magic act.
During the season, he would use his magic to make the young players on his team feel more relaxed, and therefore play better.
He could even do impressive sideshow stunts like glass eating and fire breathing.
His love for magic came from his father, the professional magician Anton Zamloch, a successful magician in the late-19th century.

In 1937, Carl published a small book of magic tricks that was offered as a premium by the Signal Oil Co.
Years later, after retiring from coaching, Carl worked as a celebrity sales executive for that company.
Carl is also credited by some with inventing the Card On Ceiling effect that is still popular today.

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