Ultra Change Card Pedestal
Change one card into another, make a card or message vanish or appear, and more!

Ultra Change Card Pedestal


Change one card into another, make a card or message vanish or appear, and more!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Appear! Vanish! Change! Quick and easy!

If you can lift the cover on the box, you can do the trick!

Exactly what can you do with this amazing pedestal- that AUTOMATICALLY WORKS BY ITSELF?

You can place one card on the pedestal and change it to another card- simply by CLOSING then OPENING the pedestal!
Let your spectator choose a card from a deck and place it on the pedestal.
After the card is covered with the top of the box, you "name" the spectator's card.
You name the wrong card!
But when the cover is taken off the pedestal, the spectator's card has changed to the card you named!

Have your spectator rip up a playing card, and place the pieces on the pedestal.
Cover it, open it again- the card is back in one piece again!

Show the pedestal empty, put the cover on it, then immediately take the cover off again.
There is now a piece of paper on the pedestal.
Open the paper- on it is printed the name of a card, or a secret message!

Start with the empty pedestal, put the cover on it, make a "magical wish" for money, take the cover off again- there is a dollar bill (or any value bill you choose)!

The uses of this marvelous prop are limited only by your imagination (and by what will fit inside the top of the pedestal)!

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