OSR Card In Balloon
Spectator's chosen card appears from a popped balloon!

OSR Card In Balloon


Produce your spectator's chosen card from inside a popped balloon!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

What a startling effect!

Let your spectator secretely select a card, and then you shuffle it back in the deck. You blow up an ordinary party balloon, place it in the balloon holder and press down on it. Pop! The balloon bursts, and the selected card is now in the balloon holder! Wow!

To make the effect even MORE spectacular, use these special transparent balloons. Your audience can see right through this clear balloon when it is in the holder, making it even more of a surprise when the card appears!

History and Trivia:

Claude Chandler introduced the Card In Balloon concept.

The first balloon was invented by Bartolomeu de Gusmao, a priest who was demonstrating his idea for an airship by launching a miniature model that used a dried animal bladder to hold the air. The rubber balloon was invented by the famous scientist Michael Faraday as a vessel to hold hydrogen. Latex balloons as we know them today were first manufactured in 1847 in London.

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