Clear Car Buggy + BONUS VIDEO
Toy car stops at the exact object or card chosen!

Clear Car Buggy + BONUS VIDEO


Car stops at card chosen by spectator!
BONUS: exclusive video- Secret Methods For Setting the Gimmick Correctly


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Ages 10 and up   Level 1

This is UNREAL!

This little car seems to know EXACTLY what card your spectator chooses!

And this one comes with Monticup's BONUS INSTRUCTION video- showing you EXACTLY how to set this up and operate it smoothly!

Let your spectator choose a card from the deck.
The deck is then spread out, face down.
Place the little car at one end of the deck.
Let your spectator put his finger on the car, and let him move the car along the line of spread cards.
Suddenly, the wheels of the car lock up and the car abruptly STOPS!
Turn over the playing card the car stops at- IT IS THE SPECTATOR'S CARD!

Completely automatic!
Couldn't be easier!
If you can hold the car in your hand, you can do the trick!

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