Want to try and figure this one out?
If you can't, the solution is in the COMMENTS section!

This vintage coin trick is mesmerizing to me.
It's been in my collection for at least 40 years, but it is much older than that.

Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, give me your best guess about how this works.
A couple of hints:
These are real coins.
There is no magnet involved.


Brian Abadie

Date 11/5/2020

It could possibly be a dab of silicone which might temporarily hold the coins together, I love all your videos and tricks. Brian

Joseph Attanasio

Date 11/6/2020

The secret is years of practice and concentration, a strong will to succeed, and he willingness to miss many meals at dinner time. All of that combined with making the grooves along the edges of the coins deeper so that one coin can "sit" in the grooves of the other. Although you said that they are real coins and that magnets are not used, you did not say that you did not alter the coins. Thanks for the challenge. Joe

Peter Monticup

Date 11/10/2020

THE ANSWER: These are indeed special coins. One of the quarters has a tiny hole in the rim. The other quarter is a mechanical masterpiece. It has a square cut out at one end of the quarter where there is a rod going through the entire quarter, attached to a watch winding wheel. When you push up on the wheel, the end of the rod will come out of the other end/edge/rim of the quarter so you can stick it in the other quarter that has a hole. The rod will balance the quarters on each other. Now with you thumb and finger, you can turn the wheel like you are winding a watch and it will rotate the top quarter. Then you just pull the wheel back, the rod will retract and the top quarter will fall off the other quarter. I've never seen these available from any magic dealers/suppliers/manufacturers. I think they would be difficult to make and certainly costly. I'm lucky to have a number of unusual treasures like these in my collection. I'll be sharing more like these in the future with you. TAKE A LOOK AT THE QUARTERS:

Joe Attanasio

Date 11/10/2020

An engineering marvel!

Mr. G.

Date 1/5/2021

Very interesting trick. Thought it was similar to the balancing bird technique.

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