Bunny Box
Change a drawing of a rabbit into a real live bunny!

Bunny Box


Change a drawing of a rabbit into a real live bunny!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

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I assume full responsibility for the safety of my live animal

Sure fire WOW factor!

Here is a wonderful comedy routine to produce a live rabbit- and it's SO EASY!

Show a black slate with a rabbit sketched on it. Put the slate into a slot in a wooden box, and open the front door of the box to show that the picture of the rabbit is the only thing in the box. Close the door, say a few "magic words" and - PRESTO! Open the box and take out a real, live rabbit!

Using a live animal in your show is a surefire way to get a fantastic reaction! And kids LOVE bunnies! This sturdy box is specially constructed to safely and securely produce a live animal. The box is a generous 14" x 11" x 9", but it is recommended that you use a dwarf rabbit or a baby rabbit, rather than a large adult rabbit, for the comfort of the animal.

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