Bunko Bet with DVD
Perform the classic three card swindle with a surprise ending!

Bunko Bet with DVD


Perform the classic three card swindle with a surprise ending!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


Easy version of the classic 3-Card Monte swindle!


Bunko Bet is a colorful and fun card trick that will both entertain and fool your audience!

Rudy T. Hunter will perform and teach you this incredible trick, step-by-step.
The Bunko Bet card trick is an act of its own.
All cards are included, plus a bonus card to add a variation to the end.

The basic effect is this: Three cards are shown, one with a blue diamond and the other two with red diamonds.
All the spectator has to do is find the card with the blue diamond.
If he finds it, he wins.
If he's wrong, he loses.
And he just can't seem to win!
Finally, you make it really obvious where the blue diamond is, and even let your spectator "bet" he can find it.
Of course the spectator guesses, and of course he is wrong- the card he chooses has a dollar sign on it because the spectator lost the bet!

You'll get the special cards needed, plus a BONUS special card with "$100" on it so that you can have a second different ending to the trick, plus a handy carrying case for the cards, plus full instructions and demonstrations on a DVD.
Cards are Bicycle back design.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bunko Bet cards set (including a BONUS card for a different ending)
  • card case
  • instructions on DVD

And that's all you need!
Cards are Poker size Bicycle back.

Rewards Points

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