Bromley Coin Deck Improved
Marked coin appears in the deck on top of your spectator's selected card!

Bromley Coin Deck Improved


Marked coin appears in the deck on top of your spectator's selected card!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

A great effect just got even better!


One of Peter Monticup's favorite card effects from way back has been reintroduced to the market, with a BIG improvement!

Your spectator signs a coin.
Yes, an ORDINARY coin, which you can borrow from him first.
Next, the spectator FREELY selects a card from deck.
The spectator looks at the card to remember it, and returns it to the deck.
You pick up the coin and vanish it.
(You will need to know a basic coin vanish).

Then you pick up part of the deck, and INSIDE THE DECK- there is the marked coin!

And the coin is on top of- THE CHOSEN CARD!

The old Bromley Deck was amazing enough.
The improved version lets you make the ACTUAL MARKED COIN appear inside the deck.


This trick comes with ONLINE video instructions provided by the manufacturer.
In the demo video, Peter misspeaks and mentions DVD instructions.

No DVD comes with this trick.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Improved Bromley Coin Deck
  • ONLINE video instructions from the manufacturer

You supply an ordinary coin.
You also supply a Sharpie marker if you want the spectator to mark the coin.

Sorry, no color choice for the decks.
We ship what the manufacturer has supplied to us.

Rewards Points

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