Control Yourself: Bottom Deal (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

Control Yourself: Bottom Deal (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)


Learn the BOTTOM DEAL advanced card control technique!
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Ages 13 and up   Level 3

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Part of the CONTROL YOURSELF instruction series!


Learn a very valuable card skill and learn a great trick at the same time!

Many advanced card effects depend on your being able to do some advanced card moves.
The BOTTOM DEAL is one of those moves.
Yes, you can learn it from one of the many books on advanced card skills.
But you can learn this move RIGHT NOW- and learn it the EASY WAY!
Plus, you'll learn the PREDICTION EFFECT in the demo!

Exactly what is a BOTTOM DEAL?
It's a gambling-type move that makes it appear as if you are dealing cards off the top of the deck, the normal way of dealing, but in reality you are dealing a card from the BOTTOM of the deck.
Since you know what the bottom card is, this move lets you "force" a card or insert a specific card where you need it to be.

An example of an effect using the BOTTOM DEAL move is shown in the demo above.
In the demo, Peter lets the spectator choose 13 cards from the deck.
These 13 cards are placed in a pile.
Peter shows a card of a different back color- the prediction card.
Peter has predicted that his card will match the spectator's card.
After now choosing one of the 13 cards in the pile, the spectator is surprised to see that his chosen card does indeed match the prediction!

I know that the most amazing card effects require some amazing card skills.
I have spent the last 50 years learning, practicing and perfecting gambling-type card control moves.
I have developed my own techniques which are easier for you to learn and master.
I have taught these techniques to hundreds of magicians over the years.
Now it's YOUR turn to learn!
My video instruction series is called CONTROL YOURSELF.
I have broken the lessons down into ONE move per lesson.
To make it more fun for you, I also teach you an actual effect you can learn that uses the move.
Please see the links below to find other Instant Downloads in this series!

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  • Control Yourself: Bottom Deal INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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  • deck of regular playing cards

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Customer Reviews

So Good!!
This bottom deal tutorial is so good! I’ve see many methods on doing the bottom deal and they are all hard and take a lot of practice. Peter’s way of doing it is by far the most easiest method that I’ve seen! He actually makes it possible for someone to learn the bottom deal quicker than you can imagine. With that said, it’s still a move that will take time to practice because you want it to look smooth and effortless. But it’s definitely an easier method to achieve the bottom deal. Plus the prediction trick you get is really cool and is perfectly suited for this particular bottom deal. If this is something that interest you, it’s well worth learning.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Jersey. on 9/22/2020

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