BOREDOM BUSTER: Vanishing Salt Shaker

BOREDOM BUSTER: Vanishing Salt Shaker


They think a coin will change color under the shaker, but the shaker vanishes completely!
BOREDOM BUSTER: learn this trick FREE!



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BOREDOM BUSTER: Vanishing Salt Shaker Trick


BOREDOM BUSTERS are free magic tricks you can learn, using ordinary objects you may have around the house.

VANISHING SALT SHAKER is an amazing trick you can perform at the table!
Instead of making a coin change color under the shaker, the shaker vanishes completely!
Peter Monticup will teach you how to do this amazing little trick!

Customer Reviews

LOVE this trick!!!
I can't believe I missed these Buster. I've been wanting to know this trick for years! It's actually what got me super interested in magic. A magician did this in a restaurant at the table next to me, but he used a ketchup bottle. It flat blew my mind. And now, finally, I know it too. Can't wait to perform it. :) :)
Reviewed by:  from Denver. on 12/1/2020

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