BOREDOM BUSTER: Dollar Levitation

BOREDOM BUSTER: Dollar Levitation


Make a real dollar bill suspend in mid-air!
BOREDOM BUSTER: learn this trick FREE!



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BOREDOM BUSTER: Dollar Levitation


BOREDOM BUSTERS are free magic tricks you can learn, using ordinary objects you may have around the house.

DOLLAR LEVITATION is a fun trick that is very easy- even for young magicians!
Place an ordinary dollar bill on top of two ordinary drinking glasses.
You can remove one of the glasses and the bill will stay floating in the air- if you know the secret!
Peter Monticup will teach you how to do this amazing trick!

By the way, at the end of the video, I toast with one of the glasses and say "Kijk in mijn ogen".
That's a Dutch toast taught to me by Dirk, our friend who usually appears in the videos with me.

Of course, Dirk is staying safe at home these days.
We miss seeing you, Dirk!

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