BOOKLET- Zombie Ball (Shute)
Revealed- how to make your Zombie Ball come alive!

BOOKLET- Zombie Ball (Shute)


Revealed- the CLASSIC secret techniques for your your Zombie Floating Ball!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

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Make your Zombie Floating Ball come alive!


Have a Zombie Floating Ball, but you want to do more than just the basic moves?
Want to learn how to handle it like the pros do?
This booklet is for you!

Great news! You can also use the tips and techniques with your Miracle Floating Ball!

Here is an excellent instruction booklet to help you get the most from your Zombie Floating Ball!
Hmmm- can you perform the Zombie effect without reading this book?
Certainly, but more than any other trick in magic, the Floating Zombie Ball is not about the trick itself- it's all about the presentation.
You've got to make your audience BELIEVE!

This book teaches you the correct way to handle the ball, how to do all the moves, how to vanish the ball at the end of your routine, and even how to plan and present the illusion.
It's a valuable guide to creating a "million dollar" illusion for your show!

You need a Zombie Floating Ball or a Miracle Floating Ball to do the tricks in this booklet.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Zombie manuscript

MANUSCRIPT ONLY. You supply your own Zombie Floating Ball or Miracle Floating Ball trick.
Softbound manuscript. 37 pages.

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