BOOKLET- World's Best Clown Gags
Over 200 gags, comedy bits, and stunts for magicians and clowns!

BOOKLET- World's Best Clown Gags


Learn the secrets of the legendary circus clowns!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Circus history comes alive!

The circus clown "handbook" in a LIMITED REPRINT edition!

If you are a clown magician, or just a circus clown fan, this is a fascinating peek into the secrets of many classic clown gags and routines.

Chapeaugraphy, the Growing Gloves Routine and How To Pull the Shirt Off Your Spectator are just three of the hundreds of memorable routines explained in these pages.

Where can you go to learn about "funny"?
There are very few books or booklets written on the subject of classic clown gags, but this is one of them!

Here is a TREASURE TROVE of ideas, routines, and props that were popular decades ago!
It's a glimpse into CLOWN HISTORY!
And while some ideas may be outdated today, they are still so interesting to read about.
You'll also find many ideas that WILL bring smiles to your audience today!

Jackie Flosso (son of legendary comedy magician Al Flosso) and his friend Clettus Musson compiled over 200 ideas into this volume.
It's a joy to read, and you'll find lots of information here that you won't find ANYWHERE else!

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