BOOKLET- Three Chinese Rings
A stunning 3-Ring Linking Rings Routine!

BOOKLET- Three Chinese Rings


A stunning 3-Ring Linking Rings Routine!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Step-by-step illustrated instructions!


Specific routines for THREE RINGS!

The LINKING RINGS is one of the most popular, and performed, effects in magic.
Most routines revolve around using the common 8-Ring set.
But some professional magicians have realized that the simpler 3-Ring setup can be so much more stunning and beautiful.
In fact, Dai Vernon's legendary Symphony of the Rings is a 3-ring routine.

This booklet was written to teach you all about the THREE RING ROUTINE.

Prolific magic author and teacher extraordinaire Lewis Ganson wrote this booklet to show you how to do the handful of moves that make up any 3-Ring Routine.
Then he lays out a marvelous full routine by Rex Taylor. As a finishing touch, he also shows you moves added by Aldo Columbini, renowned for his rings routine.
Well illustrated with b&w photos, this booklet will launch you into a whole new phase for your Linking Rings!

The Twisting Move
Linking Two Rings
Spinning the Rings
Unlinking Two Rings

Three Ring Routine:

Aldo Colombini's Linking Ring Moves
Two Rings and a Silk
Ring Up
Triple Unlink

BOOKLET ONLY- you will need a set of Linking Rings to do the moves and routines in this booklet.
You can use specific rings that are included in any regular set of eight Linking Rings.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Three Chinese Rings booklet

You supply the Linking Rings needed.

Softbound. 20 pages with many photos.

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