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*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Routined Manipulations Part 2
Covers topics not found elsewhere!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Routined Manipulations Part 2


Covers topics not found elsewhere!

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This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it has been discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

Originally published by Harry Stanley in England, this book has been brought back into publication time and again because the material covered is hard to find.

This is the second book in a three-book series.
Routined Manipulations Part 2 is filled with great manipulation techniques.
This book is packed with enough magic to last you a long time.
It's got cards, coins, mentalism, egg bag, balls, and so much more.
It even has Al Koran's entire Blindfold Card Act, which is worth the price of this book many times over!


Money Attracts Money
Ganson's coins across routine
Four coins travel from one hand to the other.
Uses a 5th silver coin to "attract" the coppers

The Colour Changing Pocket Knife
Ganson's routine uses three knives: W/R, W/B, and Striped.
A holder for the knives is described.
Moves described include: three color change moves, three vanishes, changing color in spectator's hand, and changing one knife for another.
Routine is along the lines of trying to make a knife vanish, but it changes color instead.

Thimble Manipulation
Objections to Thimble Magic addressed
Wilfred Bader's Thimble Routine: Uses on red and 10 yellow thimbles, recommends giant wooden thimbles.
Two thimble holders are also explained.
Sleights described include thumb palms, finger palm, change over palm, and several steals.
Routine includes thimble appearances, vanishes, color change, and multiplication, ending with 5 thimbles (one on each finger).
Alternative Presentations: doing thimbles for a cabaret setting or a children's show; levitating a thimble.

The Crystal Prism
A selected card is revealed in a prism.

Card Quota
Variations on common card sleights
The Glide

A New Location
Using a commercial wallet and the card on the ceiling trick

A Simple Pack Switch

Card Coin Cut (Dr. Georg Schitzkowski)
Coin appears on the selected card

Ken Brook's Chapter
The Ken Brooke Routine for the Cap and Pence
A Clean Prediction mentalist routine (prediction is drawn from a hat- no stooges required)

Henry Hay's Coins Up the Sleeve
Includes descriptions of Hay's palm and vanish sleights

Colour Change, Penetration, and Vanish
Silk routine using the dye tube
Includes a Jack Chanin vanish

Beer is Best paddle routine

Cecil Keech's Ropan Silk
Short rope visible lengthens to 15 feet

My Opening Card routine
Routine with an appearing and vanishing fan of cards

Dr. Geimer's Dice Routine
The "move" explained, and four effects offered.

Koran's Miracle Blindfold Card Act
A complete act with seven card revelations performed while blindfolded.
Includes: Sense of Touch; Stop - By Power of Thought; Three Times Three; Double Thoughts; Prediction Plus; Force Superb; and The Payoff.

Harold G. Beaumont's Quartet
The Coincidental Cut
Maybe this is Crazy! (giant fan production)
Clean Cut Ace Transposition
The Sympathetic Ropes
The Sympathetic Disks: Hilliard's Sympathetic Coins (Matrix) using coloured disks

Egg Bag, Egg Bag (adapted from Percy Abbott routine)

Will Ayling's Fashion Parade
An impromptu effect in which a rolled up magazine rises and falls over two cords.

Modern Billiard Ball Manipulation
Introduction and brief history of ball magic
The Type and Size of Balls to Use
The Half Shelf: to use or not to use
The Care and Preparation of the Hands
The Two Palm Positions: The Palm Proper, The Finger Palm
Methods of Vanishing a Billiard Ball: 5 methods
Producing a Ball In the Hand: 2 methods
Productions With the Aid of the Shell
Acquitments with Billiard Balls: 6 methods to show the hands apparently empty
Manipulation of the Shell: palming, acquitments
Apparatus Used for Obtaining a Ball Secretly
The Use of Misdirection
The First Routine: single ball multiplies to four
The Second Routine: An extension to routine one
Colour Changes with Billiard Balls
The Substitution of One Ball for Another
Colour Changes by Means of the Shell
The "Eight Ball" Routine: climaxing with the production of 8 balls

What You Get

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  • Routined Manipulations Part 2 book by Lewis Ganson

BOOK ONLY- you supply all the ordinary objects needed to do the tricks.

Hardbound book. 133 pages with photos.

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