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*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- My Favorite Card Tricks
Some advanced card material for the not-so-advanced magician!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- My Favorite Card Tricks


Some classic Harry Lorayne clever card routines!

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Lots of great card routines in this book!


This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it is discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

In this book, legendary card magician and mentalist Harry Lorayne included some of his most clever card magic into these 68 fabulous pages.

From Harry Lorayne's Foreward:
"I sat down and described, in detail, fifteen of my favorite effects and routines with ordinary cards.
Effects that you can do anywhere, any time, with any deck and under almost any conditions.
Of the fifteen, only four begin with the standard "pick a card" opening.
And - since I usually write an effect in one sitting, I most often come up with a thought or two after it is written.
Therefore - the "Afterthoughts."
Don't overlook them; I'm sure you'll find some worthwhile suggestions and ideas there."


  • Foreword
  • One-Eyed Jack Sandwich
  • Color Coincidence
  • Out Of My Control
  • Criss-Cross
  • Interlaced Location
  • Impromptu Out Of This World
  • Hummer Addition
  • Aces Only - With Kings
  • Toss-In Reverse
  • Any Four Of A Kind
  • Lorayne's Transposition Breakthrough #1
  • Lorayne's Transposition Breakthrough #2
  • Your Choice
  • Pseudo Memory #1
  • Pseudo Memory #2
  • Last Word

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • My Favorite Card Tricks by Harry Lorayne book

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own ordinary playing cards.

Book is softbound. 68 pages.

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