BOOK- Modern Coin Magic
The bible of coin magic sleights, tricks and routines- beginner to expert!

BOOK- Modern Coin Magic


The bible of coin magic sleights, tricks and routines- for beginner to expert!


Ages 10 and up   Level 3

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THE CLASSIC GO-TO reference on coin magic!


How often have you been asked, "Do a trick"- but you have nothing special with you?
Coins are always available, and people love to watch magic with money!
Learn the most amazing and SIMPLE tricks you can do anytime, anywhere!

How often have you wanted to perform a more advanced coin trick, instructions you may have read in a magic book or magazine, but you just didn't know how to do the coin move required?
This book explains all the famous coin moves!
It is the "go to" book for beginners and seasoned magicians alike.

Included are instructions on 116 different coin sleights and 236 coin tricks, lavishly illustrated with over 500 detailed pictures explaining the text.

Chapters include:

  • Coin Concealments
  • Coin Vanishes
  • Coin Boxes
  • Stage Coin Magic
  • and much more!

Lots and lots of routines, instructions, tips- indispensable information!
Need routines and techniques for your Okito Coin Box?
There is a HUGE chapter in here!
How about more info on Copper Silver Coin, Bite Out Coin, Coin In a Bottle, or Shim Shell coins?
Have you always wanted to learn Coins Thru the Table? It's in here!
Even includes an ENTIRE SECTION on the Miser's Dream Coin Pail effect!

Bobo's Modern Coin Magic explains and teaches you all you need to know about performing incredibly stunning effects with coins.
Coin Magic can be performed any time, anywhere, on the spur of the moment.
With Bobo's basic knowledge and know-how, the best feats of the world's expert coin workers can be yours.

Paperback book version.
The cover of this book may vary from what you see in the photo or in the video.
The contents of the book you get will be exactly the same.

We also carry this book as a DVD.

Here are some of the coin sleights you'll learn:

  • The Classic Palm
  • The Edge Palm
  • The Thumb Palm
  • The Downs Palm
  • The Finger Palm
  • The Front Finger Hold
  • The Back Palm
  • The Back Finger Clip
  • The Back Thumb Palm
  • The Bobo Switch
  • Utility Switch
  • One-Hand Switch
  • Shaw-Judah Coin Switch
  • The Click Pass
  • The Coin Flip
  • Change-Over Pass
  • The Bottom Steal
  • Standart Vanish
  • Simple Vanish
  • The Tunnel Vanish
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • The Drop Vanish
  • The Bobo Coin Vanish
  • The Slide Vanish
  • The Illusive Coin Pass
  • The Pinch Vanish
  • The French Drop (Le Tourniquet Vanish)
  • The Reverse French Drop
  • The Wrist Watch Vanish
  • The Cranium Vanish
  • The Bobo Complete Coin Vanish
  • Complete Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Knee-zy Vanish
  • Sucker Vanish
  • Pocket Vanish
  • Bluff Vanish
  • Sucker Bluff Vanish
  • The Coin Fold
  • The Envelope Vanish
  • The Drop Pass
  • Classic Han Ping Chien
  • The Coin Roll
  • and more!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Modern Coin Magic book

BOOK ONLY. You supply ordinary and gimmicked coins as needed.

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History and Trivia:

J.B. Bobo was the first magician since T. Nelson Downs (in 1900) to produce a complete manual of coin sleights and tricks for use in a routined coin trick act.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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