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*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Magical Mentalia and Originalia
Two books in one volume!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Magical Mentalia and Originalia


Like mentalism? Like card magic! Here you go!

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Two books in one volume!


This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it is discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

This is actually two books in one!
Both were written be G.E. Arrowsmith, and originally published in 1942.

"Mentalia" is divided into two sections.
Section 1 is mainly psychic magic, with some excellent routines, while Section 2 is miscellaneous tricks.

"Originalia" on the other hand, has one section devoted entirely to playing cards.
This section will of interest to card enthusiasts, provided they have already mastered one or two elementary sleights.

Book is softbound. 133 pages.



  • Introduction
  • Psychic Magic
    • Psychometrical Divination
    • The Word That Spells Itself
    • The Library Problem
    • Psychic Photography
    • A Novel Novelty
    • A Word Of Three Letters
    • Psychic Sight
    • A Silent Mental Act
    • The Key Of Knowledge
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Watch The Milk!
    • The Magnetic Wand
    • A Miniature Derby
    • Wringing A Stocking
    • Baby Austin
    • The Penetrative Woman
    • Kill The Brute!
    • The Uncontrollable Doll
    • The Witch At The Stake
    • The Arrowsmith Glass Penetration
    • The Body In The Bath Illusion


  • A Letter Embodying Two Magical Ideas
  • Card Tricks
    • An Anti-Gravitational Marvel
    • Pocket Picking
    • The Flashing Light
    • The "Sucker" Rising Cards
    • A New X-Ray Pack
    • An Impossible Problem
    • About Turn
    • The Pointing Finger
    • Magical Oscillation
  • Psychic Tricks
    • A Body Has Been Dismembered
    • The Psychic Joker
    • The G.E.A. Living And Dead Test
    • Mental Translucidation
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • A Magical Suggestion
    • Magnetic Peas
    • The Magical Electrician
    • Patriotic Release
    • Chameleon Silks
    • A Miracle Of Unconscious Prediction

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Magical Mentalia and Originalia by G.E. Arrowsmith book

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own cards and other items needed.

Book is softbound. 133 pages.
BRAND NEW and still shrinkwrapped.

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