BOOKLET- Hindu Thread Trick
All about the Gypsy Thread Routine!

BOOKLET- Hindu Thread Trick


A classic closeup effect- The Gypsy Thread- explained!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Step-by-step illustrated instructions!


The secrets of the famous GYPSY THREAD trick revealed!

The GYPSY THREAD is a real closeup classic, performed for years by pros like Eugene Burger who understood the power of a strong story.
The idea of the trick is simple:
The magician shows a length of thread to his spectators.
One piece at a time, the thread is broken into a number of short pieces.
The magician then rolls the pieces into a tiny ball between his fingers.
Then, the magician grasps two ends of the thread and pulls.
The thread is once again in one single long piece!

Many famous performers have included this routine in their act.
All of these performers realized that this is a strong effect that depends on DETAIL.
The way the magician breaks the thread.
The way he reveals the ending.
The pacing and timing of the routine.
And most importantly, the story he tells while performing the effect.

Mystery solved!
Now YOU can get the best reaction out of YOUR performance of this routine!

Lewis Ganson has written this booklet to explain all of this in detail to you, complete with lots of b&w photos.


The Hindu Thread Trick
The Effect
The Thread

Marconick's Gypsy Thread

Easy Gypsy Thread

Ali Bongo's Experience
The Routine
The Thread Or Cotton
Shows For Children
The Needle Threading Addition
Jewelled Scabbard Gag
Humorous Gypsy Thread
Disposal Of The Pieces
Breaking The Thread
Displaying The Pieces
David Nixon's Idea
The Bongo Gypsy Thread Suit
A Note On The Preparation
Chadwick's Mending Cotton Versus Tacking Thread
Repeating Impromptu
Dany Ray's Presentation

Pat Conway's Routine

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Hindu Thread Trick booklet

You supply the thread needed.

Softbound. 24 pages with many photos.

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