FREE BOOKLET- Magic and Party Stunts
Learn dozens of easy tricks with ordinary objects!

FREE BOOKLET- Magic and Party Stunts


Learn dozens of easy tricks with ordinary objects!
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Learn some amazing magic tricks quickly and easily- all using ordinary objects!

Imagine being able to break a pencil with a dollar bill!
Or make a borrowed playing card stick to the wall, without any sticky substance needed!
Or make a pencil stick to your open hand!
Or even find a secretly selected card- with your NOSE!
Now THAT'S magic!

This booklet contains the secrets of 50 magic tricks and stunts you can do!
Cards, coins, mindreading, puzzles- it's all here.
You're sure to find wonderful, EASY effects that are just right for your performing style!

No special apparatus is required, since each effect uses common household objects such as coins, cards, toothpicks, etc.
An absolute must for anyone interested in magic, beginner to professional.

Softbound. 30 pages with illustrations.
This is a small format book-truly pocket size!
It's smaller than a playing card in size.

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