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*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Expert Hocus Pocus
Ropes, Linking Rings, cards and even the Vanishing Birdcage!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Expert Hocus Pocus


Ropes, Linking Rings, cards and even the Vanishing Birdcage!

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Covers a lot of information!


This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it is discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

Another great book from Alton Sharpe!
Not only fantastic card effects, but other items such as rope magic, prop effects, and money magic are explained!
A special chapter on Openings will start you thinking about some terrific ways to begin your act!
Card effects include Sharpe's version of Cards to Pocket, Card in Wallet, Riser's Aces, and much more.
There is an entire NIghtclub Rope Routine here, a chapter on the Linking Rings, as well as detailed instruction and ideas for the Vanishing Bird Cage.
Add this to your library of Sharpe magic!

Softbound. 173 pages, illustrated with easy to follow photographs.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Expert Hocus Pocus book

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own cards, coins, etc.

Book is softbound. 173 pages.
BRAND NEW- reprint of 1973 edition.

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