BOOK- Easy Card Magic
Dozens of easy routines and tips for the beginner to the pro!

BOOK- Easy Card Magic


Dozens of easy routines and tips for the beginner to the pro!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

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More than 30 easy tricks!


Your guide to quick, easy and impressive card tricks!

This book was originally published in 1972.
Though popular when it came out, it disappeared for many years.
Those magicians who had snapped up a copy were happy they did.
And many who have seen this book in another magician's library have asked if it would ever be reprinted.

Good news!
It is available again!

Author Rob Roy has written an easy to follow, concise guide to dozens of quick-to-learn card effects.
No unnecessary fluff here!
All you need to do is follow the directions!

Calendar Cards
Take A Card
The Kick Trick
The Magic Adding Cards
Mental Telepathy
The Gabby Old Maid
Seven Keys
Jumping Jacks
Allah! Allah!
The Climbing Card
The Quivering Voice
The Flying Ace
The Four Of Eight Mystery
Coin On Card
Up She Goes
The Magic Spell
Card Concentration
In The Bag
The Royal Blush
The Escalator
The Turning Queens
Ghosts! Spooks!
Blow Hard
The Turned-Up Bottom
The Magic Message
Come Seven
Hit The Deck
Hide And Seek
How To Sort The Pack Without Looking At The Cards
How To Guess One Of Sixteen Cards
How To Make Several Cards Change From One Person To Another
How To Find A Chosen Card In A Person’s Pocket
How To Tell The Amount Of Bottom Cards In A Deck That Has Been Split Into Heaps
How To Tell The Card Which Has Been Drawn From A Bridge Pack
How To Select From Several Cards A Pair Which Has Been Chosen By One Or More People

Book is softbound. Contains 32 pages.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Easy Card Magic by Rob Roy

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own ordinary playing cards.

Book is softbound. 32 pages.
This is a current reprint of the original book.

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