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*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Doc and His Deck
Some advanced card material for the not-so-advanced magician!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- Doc and His Deck


Some advanced card material for the not-so-advanced magician!

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Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Lots of really useful card moves and routines in this book!


This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it is discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

A card magic book for the middle level conjuror!
Tannen Magic, Inc. had Dr. Taub write The Doc and His Deck exclusively for Tannen’s.
Doc Taub was one of the world’s leading authorities on card work, and he knew just how to fill the needs of card workers who are no longer beginners, but who are not yet absolutely full-fledged experts.
Doc’s advanced “Easy Training” manual covers a fantastic variety of card sleights and routines: The Ambitious Card; Card Transposition; Three-Card Ambitious; Four-Ace Production; False Riffle; Card Forces; Card Control; Hindu Shuffle; Deliberate Mistake & Recovery, Dovetail Shuffle; False Cuts; Double Cut; Faro Shuffle; 25-Card Trick, Do As I Do; Four-Ace Production; Single Card Production; Buckle Maneuver; Buckle Concealment; Hidden Card and more.
Now is your mind beginning to reel a little with these entertaining, vitally useful card techniques?
The Doc provides still more: Blanks and Jokers; Floating Aces; Cards to the Pockets, Plunger Four-Ace Production; Gambler and the Kibitzer; Rising Card, Universal Modifications.
And that is STILL not all.
He also supplies a few Bonus (Non-Card) Effects (Four-Coin Penetration; Reverse Match; and Salt on Knife)!
This valuable reference work belongs in every magician’s library.
Surely, a work such as this is destined to be reprinted many times.

This is a beautiful hardbound volume, 157 pages with over 340 clear illustrations.


Jacob Taub – A Biography
The Instant Color Change
Full Deck Ambitious Card Routine
Card Transposition 1
Three Card Ambitious Card Routine
Four Ace Production by a Spectator
The False Riffle Card Shuffle
Some Card Forces
Card Control
The Hindu Shuffle or Cut
Card Transposition No 2 The Deliberate Mistake and Recovery
The Dovetail Shuffle
Fake Cuts
The Double Cut
The Faro Shuffle
An Impromptu Divination – The Twenty-Five Card Trick
You Do As I Do Card Routines
You Do As I Do Card Routines (continued)
You Do As I Do Card Routines (continued)
Four Ace Production from a Reverse Card Mix
The Production of a Single Selected Card from a Reverse Card Mix
The Buckle Maneuver
The Buckle Concealment
The Hidden Card (The Three Card Color Change)
Blankers and Jokers
The Floating Aces
Cards to the Pockets
Plunger Production of the Four Aces
The Gambler and the Kibitzer
The Rising Card Escape
The Universal Cards
The Four Joker Color Change – Part One The Color Changes
The Four Joker Color Change – Part Two The Disposal of the Double-Back
The Four Joker Transposition
The Elmsley Count and Its Modificatoons
Thee Card Effects Using the Elmsley Counts
Bonus (Non-Card) Effects

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  • Doc and His Deck book

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own ordinary playing cards.

Book is hardbound. 157 pages.
BRAND NEW- still wrapped in original plastic shrinkwrap.

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