BOOKLET- Osborne Cups and Balls Magic
Compact beginner's guide to one of magic's most popular effects!

BOOKLET- Osborne Cups and Balls Magic


Great guide for beginner to professional- lots of unusual information!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

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Learn more about one of magic's most popular closeup effects!


Houdini famously said that anyone who hasn't learned the cups and balls isn't a magician!
This great little book has you covered!

Tom Osborne was a prolific writer and expert in magic with smaller props like the Ring On Wand, the Card In Balloon- and the Cups and Balls.
Written many years ago, this book is still reprinted today because it is a concise guide to performing the Cups and Balls.
Whether you think you are an expert with the Cups, or have never touched a set of cups in your life, this book has valuable and easy to understand information for you!

First, all the basic ball moves are described in detail using clear illustrations.
You'll learn a professional's easy technique to perform the basic passes and palms.
A great way to get started- and an opportunity to improve your technique!

Next, you'll get some full routines so you can show off your skills.
You know how to do the moves, now turn those skills into ENTERTAINMENT!

Finally, and what we consider to be the REAL value in this book, you'll learn some specialized routines using unusual props, taking you above and beyond ordinary Cups and Balls.
Learn how to do impromptu Cups and Balls by covering ordinary glasses with apaper napkins.
Learn how to use super loads.
Even learn about the Cone and Ball trick, which we have never seen in any currently printed magic book!

Cups and Balls Set is NOT included.


  • How to Palm a Small Ball
  • How to Palm a Large Ball
  • Introduce the Ball Secretly Under a Cup
  • Remove a Ball Secretly from Under a Cup
  • How to Place a Ball Between Two Cups
  • How to Simulate Placing a Ball Under a Cup
  • How to Palm a Small Ball
  • How to Pass a Ball Through the Top of a Cup
  • How to Produce a Ball from a Wand
  • How to Pass One Ball Though Another
  • How to Pass the Wand Through the Cup
  • Using a Square Ball
  • Type of Cups To Use
  • Slanting the Table
  • Using a Servante
  • Using Special Load Cups
  • How to Make Loads
  • How to Load Large Balls
  • Liquid Loads
  • How to Load a Glass of Wine Under Each Cup
  • How to Load Live Chicks
  • Japanese Routine
  • How to Show a Ball Under an Actually Empty Cup
  • The Multiplication Pass
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • ROUTINE: Balls From Wand
  • Hidden Ball Routine
  • Tom Osborne's Routine
  • Non-Sleight-of-Hand Routine
  • How to Use Three Large Balls
  • Advice and your "Patter"
  • Comedy Cups and Balls
  • The Cone and Ball Trick
  • Silent Routine
  • Cup and Ball Vase
  • Cocktail Shakers
  • Sponge Ball Trick
  • The Paper Covered Glasses

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Osborne Cups and Balls booklet

BOOKLET ONLY. You will need a set of Cups and Balls.

Booklet is softbound. 60 pages.
This is a new reprint of the original 1937 edition.

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