*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- At the Table
If you work with doves, you should own this book!

*CLOSEOUT* BOOK- At the Table


The best of Jon Racherbaumer's M.U.M. column!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Great routines from Ed Marlo, Phil Goldstein, and others- and Jon Racherbaumer himself!


This book is brand new.
It is on CLOSEOUT because it is discontinued and this is the last of our remaining stock.

A compilation of the best of Jon Racherbaumer's M.U.M. column, with two bonus routines by Ed Marlo and Tom Mullica.
There are 39 items devoted to coins, linking pins, mental magic and cards, with contributions from people like John Cornelius, Phil Goldstein and others.

Hardbound. 192 pages with 120 photographs, 59 illustrations.


  • Introduction- Stephen Minch
  • Marlo on Racherbaumer
  • Squeeze Play - Roger Klause
  • Aha! Coins Thru The Table - John Cornelius
  • Muscle Pass
  • Further Than Devant - Jon Racherbaumer
  • A Miser Dreams of Vegas - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Coin-Umbrage - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Most For Your Money - Ed Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer
  • Ishtar Subtlety - Jules DeBarros
  • Amplius Nickels - Ed Marlo
  • Bluff Vanish
  • Hunter's Foop Fapp Fipp - Jim Hunter
  • Super Pin Routine - Ed Marlo
  • Calculating Snippet - Jon Racherbaumer
  • On Mentalism - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Solution To Jaks? - Ed Marlo
  • Correct Change - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Getting On With This World - Steve Draun
  • On The Berglas Effect - Ed Marlo
  • On Curry's Think of a Card - Ed Marlo
  • Mexican Stab - Eddie Adams, Jon Racherbaumer
  • Mexican Joe Cuts To The Aces - Ed Marlo
  • Mexican Joe Crimp - Mexican Joe
  • Deck-ing Hofzinser - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Hofzinser's Dream Solution - Ed Marlo
  • Wily Monte - Lee Freed, Jon Racherbaumer
  • Marlo's Color Changing Deck Routine - Ed Marlo
  • Alignment Move
  • Impact-Collision-Crash - Ed Marlo
  • Touch Turn Poker - Ed Marlo
  • On Discrepancies - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Poor Man's Card to Balloon - Ed Marlo
  • Poor Man's Prediction - Ed Marlo
  • Olram's Hidden Count - Ed Marlo
  • Above And Below - Ed Marlo
  • Hobson's Choice - Chuck Smith
  • On Entertainment - Jon Raucherbaumer
  • Undercover Haunted Deck - Ed Marlo
  • Draun's Swindle 21-Card Trick - Steve Draun
  • Jack-Flash Transpo - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Flicks and Kicks - Jon Racherbaumer
  • In Lieu of The Thru-The-Fist Change - Ed Marlo
  • Neo-Brownian Movement - Jon Racherbaumer
  • Strong Cider - Jon Racherbaumer, Ed Marlo
  • Hole-Card In One - Jon Racherbaumer
  • The Cut Deeper Location - Jon Racherbaumer, Phil Goldstein, Simon Aronson
  • Marlo's Complete Color Vision - Ed Marlo
  • Hank-Foolery - Tom Mullica
  • Pensées - Jon Racherbaumer

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • At the Table book

BOOK ONLY. You supply your own cards, coins, etc.

Book is hardbound. 192 pages.
BRAND NEW- still wrapped in original plastic shrinkwrap.

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