Bob the Card Trick (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

Bob the Card Trick (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)


You really NAME their card!
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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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And you can CUSTOMIZE this trick so that it uses ANY NAME you want!
This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD- the video instructions show you how to make your own decks!

This is a VERY STRONG routine that gets a big reaction every time!
The spectator can FREELY CHOOSE ANY CARD!
And it is FOOLPROOF!

Bring out a small card or slip of paper, writing side hidden, and lay it on the table.
Ask your spectator to call out any one of the 52 cards.
Point to the face down prediction, and tell him that you have named his card.
Ask him to turn over your prediction and read it out loud.
"The name of your card is BOB."
That makes no sense!
Or does it...

Explain that every person has a favorite card.
And every card is named after their favorite person.
The spectator's card is named BOB.
Pull out a closed card deck from your pocket or closeup case.
Take out the cards, and start showing the card backs, one by one.
Each of the cards has a different name printed on it.
Turn the cards face up, and search for the spectator's card.
When you find it, remove it from the deck.
Turn the card over.
On the back of the card is written the name BOB!

This trick is absolutely stunning!
Not only is it completely automatic (it works by itself), but you can now make your own decks, so you can use any name you want.
I have made decks using the name of the guest of honor at an event, or the name of a theatrical agent I wanted to impress.
The ONLINE INSTRUCTION VIDEO I made for you gives you step-by-step instruction on how this trick works, how to make your decks, and how to effectively perform this trick for greatest impact.
If you want to learn a NO SKILL trick that stuns every time- get this download!

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Here's what you'll need:

  • TWO full decks of regular playing cards

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Customer Reviews

A true miracle!
This is one of my favorite effects, but better! I’ve been performing a version of this trick for many years. But with the one I originally learned, the “Bob” card could not be examined at the end. I was shocked when I saw Steve take the card out himself at the end of the demo video. This version that you’ll learn is super easy to do, but super powerful. Truly a miracle just waiting for you to perform. Peter goes over everything in this 16 minute long explanation to make sure you’re fully equipped and running. Easy set-up, easy to do, true show-stopper. Highly recommend it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Jersey . on 1/2/2021

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