OS Block Buster
Solid block penetrates right through a sheet of plastic! Large stage size!

OS Block Buster


Make a large solid block penetrate right through a sheet of plastic glass!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Impressive- and so easy to do!

You start with a yellow block, a solid piece of Plexiglas, and and two wood tubes. After showing both tubes empty, set one tube upright on your table. Place the sheet of Plexiglas on top. Then place the other tube upright on top of the Plexiglas. If you drop anything down through the first tube, whatever you drop will be blocked by the Plexiglas. Nothing can get through to the bottom tube.


Drop the block into the first tube. Your audience can hear it hit the Plexiglas!
But when you lift the top tube- the block is GONE!
Lift off the Plexiglas sheet, and lift up the bottom tube.
It has penetrated right through the solid piece of Plexiglas!

How is that possible??
You'll have to get the trick for yourself to find out!

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