Black Magicians

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Black Magicians

Successful African American magical personalities

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A number of African American magicians have achieved success and fame. (Soon each of these names will be linked to his or her biography page. We are working on that project right now!)

Alonzo Moore

Black Herman

Ellen E. Armstrong

  • Black Herman
  • Washington Reeves (Black Herman's assistant)
  • Madame Debora Sapphirra (Black Herman's show)
  • Prince Herman
  • Alonzo Moore
  • M.H. Everett
  • Henry "Box" Brown
  • Prof. John Armstrong
  • Ellen Armstrong
  • Fetaque Sanders
  • Tricky Sam Tatum
  • Frank Brents
  • Richard Potter
  • J. Edward Clarke
  • Gowango the Great
  • Zama, the Black Princess
  • William Carl
  • Theodore Jackson
  • Bartt Kennett
  • Billy Ewing
  • Eddie Green
  • Arthur Dowling
  • Marcellus R. Clark
  • Clarence Hunter
  • Prof. J.T. Boston
  • Alfonso Hanbin
  • Professor Lawrence
  • Professor Maharajah
  • Jack "Goldfinger" Vaughn
  • Arsenio Hall
  • Jack Hall
  • John Ball

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