Some Black entertainers who made important contributions to the history of magic in America!

Though relatively small in number, Black magicians have made some important contributions to the story of American magic.
We've compiled a list of famous American Black magicians here, though the list is far from complete.

The first American-born successful magician was Richard Potter, a Black entertainer who was America's most well-known performer of any kind in the early 1800s.

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And here is a recent TV news story on him:

One of America's most outspoken Black rights activists, Black Herman was also a famous performer who had a most interesting life story.

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Ellen Armstrong
Ellen Armstrong was the first African American female magician touring with her own show.

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A slave who escaped to the North by packing himself in a crate, Brown became a well-known speaker for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, combining his magic skills with a powerful message.

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And if you are interested in reading more about the history of Black performers in magic, an excellent book is Conjure Times: Black Magicians In America by James Haskins, (follow the link to

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