Take a bite out of a cookie, then make it whole again instantly!



Take a bite out of a cookie, then make it whole again instantly!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

It's a magic cookie!


And it's a realistic looking Oreo type cookie!
And you can do wonderful magical things with it!

It's a Bitten-And-Restored Cookie!
Take a bite out of the cookie, and instantly make it whole again!

Now THAT'S delicious magic!!

If you can hold the cookie in your hand, you can do the trick!

NOT MEANT FOR EATING. Do not eat this cookie. This item is NOT food!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bite Out Cookie (includes several replacement rubber bands)
  • printed instructions

More replacement rubber bands are available from MagicTricks.com (see below).

Customer Reviews

cool cookie (just gotta love it ) :)
I received this cookie from Peter when my crummy cookie was Temporarily out of stock and it was my very first time on his sight.:) This cookie is cool! It does the same thing as the bite out cookie in my crummy cookie set. But, it doesn't look near as good. This one has a kind of plastic shine to it if you would ask me. But, it would be perfect if you just want the bite cookie. So, it does not come with any extra stuff (I could not imagine living without the mini Penney trick):(. But, this cookie is cool just not AWESOME. But if you want the best just copy and paste this {Crummy Cookie + BONUS} into the search. It costs a little more(I know... I know... don't want to spend more money but, it is worth it (Really). But, this cookie still is COOL. It is still realistic looking enough it comes with the distinctive design of a OREO on it and fools my Sisters,my Mom,and my Dad,my Grandma,my cat,my friends,etc. From a distance but,does not look near as good as the one in the crummy cookie set. I really like this cookie it's just real looking enough that it will fool you if you just happen to drop it in a bag full of OREO'S you might have to look twice or more. Just gotta love it when that happens. Which is not that funny because it makes me want to eat it (which of course you can't):). It's really cool enough that my Grandpa F and I loved watching this video over and over(witch is awesome). Before I got it I talked about it consistently (mainly because he loved OREO cookies so much and it made him wonder how it would work). So, if you want to learn how it works don't ask just buy it here:) I am sure if my Grandpa F was still here he would buy one from Peter too!! So, with that long review typed,read,and posted. I give this trick 4 stars Because it is so close to AWESOME. P.S. If you wonder why the date is so off from the older stuff. Well first the glue was kind of week in one spot but it was fine,then my crummy cookie came and it got forgotten about, then I kind of lost it.:( So, I lost it for a wile and found it only this week:0( right in the open):)(dumb me):) And then gorilla glued it (Problem solved) ya can't possibly tell I'm a pack rat:). Just love this cookie
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 3/26/2017
Simple trick!
I've ordered this for my little one. You can get bite it front of kids and blow it to restore. Very fun and simple trick for kids. Quality is good Thank you peter ^_^
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 3/24/2016

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