Birthday Card Trick
Their card is the ONLY card that says Happy Birthday on the back!

Birthday Card Trick


Their card is the ONLY card in the deck that says Happy Birthday on the back!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Happy birthday- with a stunning twist!

This one is really clever! It starts with a bit of comedy when you have your spectator call out his birthdate aloud. You tell him that his birthdate is printed on the card you are secretly holding. When you turn the card around, he sees that the card's face is a CALENDAR- every date of the year is on it!

But now to the real magic. Let your spectator count down to ANY number in ANY regular card deck. He counts the cards so they are face up. When he stops at any card, that card is turned over, and the back of that card says "Happy Birthday"! The rest of the cards are shown to have their regular backs- no words!

Of course, that's not all! Remember that calendar card? Turn it around and let your spectator see the other side- IT MATCHES THE EXACT CARD YOUR SPECTATOR CHOSE!

This is a stunning card trick, and a really great full routine. You'll enjoy performing it as much as your spectators will love seeing it!

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