Magicians' Biographies - Letter Y

Read about one of the most creative magical minds, plus a magician who donated an enormous library, and more!

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Yettmah, Cyril
English illusionist and illusion builder for Thurston
Read the biography of Cyril Yettmah - see image!
Yettmah, Suzette
English female magician and wife of Cyril Yettmah
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Yost, Thomas
One fo the first American manufacturers and dealers of magic apparatus
Read the biography of Thomas Yost - see image!
Young, Dr. Morris
Magic collector and author who co-donated the McManus-Young Collection to the Library of Congress
Read the biography of Dr. Morris Young!
(?-?) Spanish female magician and mentalist. Specialized in a spiritism (psychic) act. Toured in the 1950's with the younger Professor Alba as "Yu-Li-San the Enigmatic Medium".
Yvonne, Baby
American female magician and mentalist billed as "Baby Yvonne- The World's Youngest Mental Marvel"
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Yvonne, Princess
American female magician and mentalist who partnered with Doc Irving and Hardeen
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