Make your item visibly vanish into thin air!



Make your item visibly vanish into thin air!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Gone in the blink of an eye!


A wonderful, foolproof prop for making items disappear!
If you can place the item into this net, you can do the trick!

No skill is required, so this is perfect for an actor or someone who is not used to magical manipulation.

You've seen a magician drive a motorcycle onto a platform, the bottom falls down and suddenly the motorcycle is GONE!
This is the same trick, but in a much smaller, portable size!

It's so simple- display a cloth hung vertically from a wooden rod.
It looks like a banner.
A rectangular piece of see-thru netting hangs in front of it.
Simply fold the netting in half to form a cradle, and place the item you want to vanish into the cradle.
Your audience can clearly see the item through the netting material.
At your command, let the net drop.
While they were LOOKING RIGHT AT IT it, the item HAS VANISHED!

Use any item that will fit into the net, even a live dove!

Use a model motorcycle and do your own version of the big stage spectacular!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bengal Net
  • printed instructions

You provide the item to be vanished.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 45 Rewards Points!

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