Chop Cup- Bartenders
The PERFECT bar-themed closeup routine!

Chop Cup- Bartenders


Make an olive vanish, reappear and multiply using a single shot cup!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

A very unconventional version of a legendary trick!



The PERFECT bar-themed closeup routine!

The classic Chop Cup, but made from a real stainless steel measuring cup!
And instead of making a little ball appear and disappear in the cup, you do the magic with OLIVES!

The Bartenders Chop Cup is a real stainless steel shot measure so it not only looks real, but also makes sense when used as part of your bar magic act.

Also, the SMALL COMPACT SIZE makes it a standout for including in your closeup case, whether you use it as a bartender cup or just as a mini steel Chop Cup.
Because of course it will work with any other Chop Cup knit balls set you may have!

Here's an idea:
As a finale with this Chop Cup, consider producing a Final Load of a cork, or a slice of lime, or even a cherry!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bartenders Chop Cup
  • set of Chop balls that look like stuffed green olives
  • cloth storage bag
  • basic printed instructions

Chop Cup is made of stainless steel.
About 2.25" tall, 1.5" mouth diameter.
Balls are about 1" size.
One is gimmicked with a magnetic shim inside, one is regular.
Made of soft rubber.

More Video

History and Trivia:

The Chop Cup was invented in 1954 by Al Wheatly, who performed professionally as "Chop Chop".

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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