BOOKLET- Balloon Sculptures
Learn how to make fun sculptures and animals from balloons!

BOOKLET- Balloon Sculptures


Make money! Learn how to make fun sculptures and animals from balloons!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Learn to make BALLOON SCULPTURES for fun and profit!

You'll be the hit of any kid's party when you can turn balloons into colorful, funny animals and sculptures! Not only can you make everyone laugh, but you can make some serious money! Balloon animals are a very profitable add-on to your magic show. Every children's birthday party, every company picnic, every school show will want your balloons!

If you are in charge of a special event, this booklet is for you, too. Imagine making your own centerpieces from balloons! You can make Peace Doves for a wedding or for any party!

Joe LaMonica's classic HOW-TO booklet is filled with tons of illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. You'll be making professional balloon animals in MINUTES! And with Joe's expert tips and secret techniques, your skills will be top-notch.

Included are instructions for making 16 different figures. You'll make:

  • Poodle Dog
  • Buzzer the Bee
  • One-Balloon Swan
  • Hunchy the Rabbit
  • Small Penguin
  • Plumpy Penguin
  • One-Balloon Clown
  • Chesty the Clown
  • Toto the Clown
  • Long Tall Clown
  • Rocking Horse
  • Sly Coyote
  • Magic Monkey
  • Tricycle
  • Peace Dove
  • Fruit Basket

But wait! You also get BONUS PATTERNS that show you how to make a reindeer, a tiara, a mouse, a flower, apples on a stick, and a floating swan!

This is an instructional booklet only. To make the sculptures shown in the book, you need balloons, which are NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased separately from

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