Brass Apothecary Ball Thru Hand
Steel ball vanishes when crushed by brass cover!

Brass Apothecary Ball Thru Hand


Steel ball vanishes when crushed by brass cover!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the bonus video here

Comes with our BONUS online instruction video!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

PASSWORD REQUIRED - password link is EMAILED TO YOU on your Order Confirmation
Peter Monticup created an EXTRA online video EXCLUSIVELY for our customers who purchase this trick!
After you receive your password, watch the BONUS ONLINE VIDEO right here. Just CLICK THE RED ARROW above!

It's all in the hand!


A favorite that's been off the market for a while is back!
And we've IMPROVED it!

This great little pocket trick is a wonder!
They will wonder how this works!

We call it the BRASS APOTHECARY BALL THRU HAND because it reminds us of the mortar and pestle mixer used in the old apothecaries or pharmacies.
Place a small stainless steel ball into the tube.
When you place the SOLID brass plug on the tube, of course it won't go into the tube because the ball is already in there, blocking it.
But with a little magic- PRESTO!
The plug goes all the way into the tube!
Where did the ball go??
You remove the plug from the tube, and your spectator can see that the plug looks solid, and the tube is empty.
You can either make the ball appear from somewhere else (like under the table, or inside your hand), or you can end the trick with the vanish.
Either way, it's a stunner!

This clever closeup trick is machined from solid brass, and comes with a handy sectioned case for safe transport and storage.

What does that mean?
Magic just isn't made the way it used to be made.
SO WE FIX IT before we ship it out!

Nearly all of the magic tricks on the market today are made in China or India.
Plastic and cardboard has replaced metal and wood.
In many cases, the cost is low but the quality is not there.
The tricks are made in factories by people who are not familiar with magic.
If something is not made right, they don't notice.
We manually adjust and/or add replacement parts INDIVIDUALLY to more than 70% of the magic tricks we sell!
Owner Peter Monticup has been performing for 60 years and selling magic tricks for 49 years.
He knows how tricks are supposed to work.
And if they don't work properly, he knows how to fix them.
Yes, he PERSONALLY makes adjustments to any and every trick in your order that needs to be tweaked.
It's important that you get a trick that works correctly, even if that is not how it was shipped from the manufacturer!
We are the only magic shop that has this kind of quality control.
When you buy elsewhere, you'll only get the product exactly the way it came off the assembly line.


  • the rusty steel ball that came from the manufacturer was replaced with a new custom made stainless steel ball
  • we made an ONLINE INSTRUCTION video that shows you how to work the trick, how to care for it, and how to prevent problems

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Brass Apothecary Ball Thru Hand
  • easy printed instructions
  • replacement STAINLESS STEEL ball
  • exclusive ONLINE VIDEO instruction

And that's all you need!

Brass tube is about 2" high.

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