Balancing Bird
This remarkable bird balances almost anywhere!
You will get ONE bird- photo shows possible colors

Balancing Bird


This remarkable bird balances almost anywhere!


Ages 7 and up   Level 1

Demo Video



You will get ONE Balancing Bird.
Photo shows the three different color variations- you will get ONE of them.

One of our all-time favorites from back in the day!

Ages ago- in the 1970s to be exact- we sold this really entertaining novelty bird in our shop.
And we simply could not keep it in stock!
As soon as a customer handled one of these birds, that was it- they had to have one!

What does it do??
It balances by the tip of its beak.
On nearly ANYTHING!
Balance it on the tip of your finger!
Balance it on the edge of a glass!
Balance it on the edge of a table!
Balance it on the eraser of a pencil!
Balance it on a coin!
And many, many more ideas!

The movement of the bird is actually mesmerizing and calming as well.
It seems to just float by its beak.
You can gently twirl it and it will spin slowly.
You can walk around with it, and it will stay balanced even when you move.

Obviously there is NO SKILL NEEDED!
Just place the beak of the bird where you want it- and watch it balance!

Great for teachers!

Customers would tell us how much fun this bird is at parties.
Everyone wants to try it themselves!
And what a hit at holiday time as well!

It is rare when you can get this much fun for such a low price!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Balancing Bird
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Bird is made of heavy plastic.
About 5.5" across.
Yellow color.
Color of wingtip of bird will be either blue, red or green.
Color we ship will vary depending on what the supplier sends us this week.
Sorry- no color choice.
We ship what we have in stock.

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