My Magic Adventures: Rehearsal for Houdini Now Show

Posted by Peter Monticup on 7/24/2020 to My Life In Magic

The HOUDINI NOW show featured my magic act along with the amazing Underwater Escape by Alexanderia the Great.
Though she had done the stunt many times before, up to the minute rehearsal, especially for a dangerous effect, is crucial.
But where to find a rehearsal spot, especially one where the media could come and watch?

You've watched Dirk help me demonstrate hundreds of magic tricks on this site.
Dirk and his wife live right across the street from us, and they have a beautiful inground pool.
Remember- this was October 31st!
Dirk and Carine were nice enough to delay closing their pool so we could use it for Alexanderia's rehearsal.

Luckily, the day before the show was sunny and only moderately cool.
Alexanderia's goal was to remain underwater at the bottom of the pool, shackled in the chains, for at least four minutes.
Her first attempt was nail-biting!
But a bit after four minutes, she was able to pick the lock on the chains and swim to the surface.

Performer that she is, she repeated the exercise later in the day for the local media to film.
After she finished the interviews, she was rewarded with a glass of champagne and a soak in the hot tub!


Date 7/27/2020
Mr. G.
Great footage! 4 Minutes underwater!!! What skill!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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