Atomic Water Vase
The water in the upside down bowl stays suspended inside!

Atomic Water Vase


The water in the upside down bowl stays suspended inside!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Science can be shocking!


This will certainly get their attention!
Fill this small metal bowl right to the brim with water.
Cover the bowl with an ordinary sheet of paper.
Put your hand on top of the paper and bowl, and turn the bowl upside down.
Now remove your hand- the paper stays stuck to the bowl, and the water stays suspended inside the cup!

OK- that's science.
You know that this is caused by atmospheric pressure and surface tension.
(For a great explanation of this phenomenon, Google "water glass magic".)

Of course, for those scientific principles to work, the paper must stay connected to the water.
With the Atomic Water Vase, go ahead and remove the paper while the bowl is upside down.
The water stays suspended inside the upside down bowl!


By the way, you will get a few drops of water spilling when you remove the paper, as you see happening in the demo video.
That's because a few drops of water will stick to the paper, and are shaken loose from the paper as you remove it.
It is obvious when you then pour the water back into the cup that a great amount of liquid really did stay inside the upside down bowl.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Atomic Water Vase
  • printed instructions
You supply the liquid and the ordinary sheet of paper.

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