Aqua Lota Vase - SMALL
Pour water again and again from an empty metal vase!

Aqua Lota Vase - SMALL


Pour water again and again from a small empty metal vase!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

So easy- and so amazing!


Popular prop in a COMPACT size!
Pour a quantity of water from the vase, seeming to empty it.
A few moments later, you can again pour MORE water from the container, apparently emptying it.
But no! A few moments later, you again pour water from the vase!
Endless possibilities.

You can realistically expect to get 5 good "pours" from this Lota Vase, about 6 ounces of liquid total.

Aluminum. About 4" high. Made by Ickle Pickle.

We also carry other sizes of Lota Bowl and Lota Vase.
See the Suggested Products below.

The box this comes in may say "Lota Bowl", but we prefer to call it a vase, because it is in the shape of a vase! :-)

About Ickle Pickle Spun Aluminum Products

For decades, magician Steve Bender and his company, Ickle Pickle Magic, manufactured hundreds of innovative magic effects.
Among their best products were the world class spun aluminum effects, like their Lota Bowl and Zombie Ball.
Recently, Steve retired and sold his business to another enthusiastic magic entrepreneur.
At the same time, Ickle Pickle's metal engineer retired, the man responsible for manufacturing those spun aluminum pieces.
Many Ickle Pickle products will still be available, BUT THE SPUN ALUMINUM EFFECTS ARE NO LONGER BEING MADE.
We purchased all of their remaining spun aluminum inventory.
We have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES of these items.
This product is one of those limited Ickle Pickle effects.
When we sell out- this item is GONE!

More Video

THIS VIDEO IS FROM THE MANUFACTURER:Get more out of your magic effects by combining them into a routine.
Watch a great routine using the LOTA VASE with the CONFETTI BUCKET:

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Compact Aqua Lota Vase
  • printed instructions

You supply the liquid.

Made of aluminum.
About 4" high.
Holds about 6 ounces of liquid.

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