Aqua Change Vase
Liquid vanishes and changes into silks!

Aqua Change Vase


Liquid vanishes and changes into silks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Change liquid to solid! Change lots of other things too!

Yes- you can use REAL water!
So easy, they call this one "self-working"- it does the magic for you!

Imagine pouring red liquid into the vase.
Cover it briefly with a tube, and when you reach into the vase, out come lots of dry red silk scarves and red sponge balls!
The liquid is GONE!You have changed liquid into solid!

The clever gimmick in this trick does all the work for you.
Whatever you want to put into the vase can be changed into something else!
Of course, the biggest feature is that LIQUID can be changed into SOLID.
If it fits in the vase, it will work!

How about these ideas:

  • Change sugar into candies!
  • Change colored liquid into the same color confetti!
  • Change loose paper clips into a string of linked paper clips!
  • Change pieces of rope into one long piece of rope!
  • Change flower seeds into spring flowers!
  • Change three separate color silks into one multi colored silk!

This is a great trick for presenting in front of a group.
It is NOT meant to perform if your spectators are positioned right next to you.
Do this one in a classroom or in front of an audience.

This effect uses real liquid, so be aware that there might be some spilling (as you see in the demo).

The cylinder measures about 4.5" in diameter and 6.25" in height.
The vase is about 4.5" diameter, 6" high and 3" deep.
Both the vase and the tube are made of painted metal.
Please be aware that the vase and the tube WILL show wear as you use it.
In fact, simply transporting this effect will cause rub marks.
We ship these as they arrive from the manufacturer, and sometimes they are slightly scuffed even when new.

You may need to repaint these parts from time to time.

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