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Anton Zamloch

Zamloch the Great

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Anton Zamloch

Anton Zamloch

  • 1848-1932
  • Real Name: Anton Zamloch
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: Austria
  • Buried: ?

Austrian-born magician whose career touring America spanned more than 50 years. Father of Carl Zamloch.

Starting as an apprentice to a number of magicians in Germany, Zamloch launched his own career in California in 1868. He performed in venues as varied as crude opera houses in mining camps to lavish theaters in New York and Chicago.

He was variously billed as "Professor Zamloch" or more frequently, "Zamloch the Great". Though he performed many expected magic tricks and illusions, his most popular routines were the "Spirit Rapping Table" and "Rapping Drum", where unseen spirit hands were supposedly tapping out the answers to audience questions.

His most adventurous times were during a 1905 tour of Mexico; his companion performers on the tour were professional bullfighters, who unfortunately were being killed one by one as the tour went on.

Married in 1880, Anton's wife, Elizabeth Marx, was part of the show, as was her brother, a comedic actor whose professional name was Billy Marx. Zamloch's show also occasionally featured Louise Bender Marx and Gladys Louise (Billy's wife and daughter).

Zamloch retired in 1915, convinced that the fledgling motion picture business would spell the end of vaudeville.

The Zamlochs had four children, one of whom, Carl, became a professional baseball player and later a magician as well.

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