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Annie Vernone

Bullet Catch at 17

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  • 1840-?
  • Real Name: Anne Vernone
  • Birthday:
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Annie Vernone was an energetic and charming female magician who performed in the United States and in England during the mid-1800's.

As early as 1857, when she was only 17, she was touring with a spectacular act that included her version of the infamous Bullet Catch trick. With her younger sister, Florence, assisting her, Annie presented a fast-paced program of magic and juggling, while "Madame Vernone" (probably her mother) presenting an exposure of Spirit Rapping.

It was an extraordinary program to see a feamle perform the Bullet Catch, much less a girl of only 17. Her poster proclaimed: "Annie Vernone will introduce the celebrated Gun Trick! (Never before performed by a Lady) and allow anyone to try to shoot her. She will Catch the Bullet in her hand and prove herself invulnerable".

Fiercely competitive, Annie billed herself as "The Wonder of the Age!", "The Great Original and Only Female Magician" and "The Only Female Professor of Modern Magic in the World".

She may have also been billed as "Mlle. Veroni". Annie Vernone was listed as a resident in the Middlesex, England 1861 census.


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