Amaze Cups
Pour lots of salt, glitter, candy, rice, confetti, coins or even LIQUID from an empty cup!

Amaze Cups


Pour lots of salt, glitter, candy, coins or even LIQUID from an empty cup!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

A LOT of something from nothing!


Perfect for talent shows, classroom magic or ministry/gospel magic presentations!

You will amaze YOURSELF with this set of cups!
The AMAZE CUPS uses a very unique method, different from ANY other effect on the market!

Show that each cup in a stack of cups is empty.
Turn two of the cups upside down over the third cup.
Snap your fingers, and when you lift the top cups off again, the bottom cup is full of SALT!
Visibly pour the large amount of salt from the cup, totally delighting and AMAZING your audience!

What makes this effect truly wonderful is that you can produce so many different kinds of things!
Peter Monticup has used these cups to produce:

  • white salt
  • colored cake decorating sugar
  • sprinkles for ice cream
  • rice
  • candies (like M&Ms, Skittles, TicTacs or chocolate chips)
  • shiny pennies or dimes
  • confetti
  • colored water
  • milk

You'll learn this one in MINUTES!
There is NO SKILL required!
No sleights, no palming, no special moves!
The cups do all the work for you.
Simply put, if you can stack cups and then pour salt, you can do the trick!

And if that's not enough, the ONLINE VIDEO instruction includes a blockbuster routine that magician Bill Cook performed on the TV show Masters Of Illusion.
He poured salt out of an empty cup into a second cup, then poured again for more salt, then finally the pour overfilled the third cup!
It's all in the online instructions, provided by the manufacturer!
The link to the instructions is printed on a card packed with your trick).

This is a truly clever and unique trick, well worth adding to your act.
There is nothing else on the market like it!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • set of Amaze Cups
  • ONLINE VIDEO instructions
You supply the salt or glitter or liquid, etc.

Cups are made of heavy hard plastic.
Approximately 2" in diameter measured across the top.
About 2.25" high.

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